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Be careful about what you choose... Caithy Relation's

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Be careful about what you choose... Caithy Relation's

Mensaje por Catherin A. Flint el Dom Jun 12, 2011 8:10 pm

{even if you don't want to, we have to love each other}

Mejores amigos
{feel pretty lucky if you're here}

{I can't believe I actually like you}

{I have seen you somewhere}

Trato cordial
{I might treat you well by now but everything can change in a wile}

Compañeros de travesuras
{we probably have seen each other in the punishment room}

Compañeros de fiesta
{ Parties me and you= Best thing ever}

{ we might don't like each other but if we want to win we have to stay together}

{I wont let anybody to hurt you}

{you wont let anything to touch me, right?}

{ there is something about you I find attractive}

{8 letters, 3 words 1 meaning: I love you}

Amor platonico
{ I'll love to be with you but we just cant}

{I actually have a good time with you}

Amigos con derecho
{there might be one or to kisses}

{ I love the nights when I'm with you}

Amor y Odio
{we cant be together, we cant be apart}

Trato hostil
{I dont hate you, I just don't like you}

{I Hate you!}

{If I could I would kill you}
Catherin A. Flint
Easthorns Kingdom
Easthorns Kingdom

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